Self Defence Seminar on Extreme Martial Arts

Free Self Defence Seminar on Extreme Martial Arts to provide basic knowledge of simple self- protection measures by Mr. B.S. Handa, Black Belt 5th Dan, WTF(Korea) ; Director, Extreme Martial Arts. The students of the college were educated on the importance of self defence training and were also taught various techniques of marshal arts to protect themselves. Mr. Handa also gave tips for self defence such as not to panic, be wiling to act, bluff, don’t hesitate, trust your intuition, use your voice as a weapon, and to believe in what you are doing.

The seminar was followed by a session on personal grooming conducted by Ms. Chris John in which she demonstrated various beauty tips which included cleansing, toning and moisturizing; eye makeup, lipstick application technique etc. She also generated awareness among the students of the college on how to keep hair healthy and silky.


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