Indo – Sri Lanka Army Mountaineering Expedition to Mount Stok Kangri and Mount Gulap Kangri Return

14 Oct :Mountaineering as an adventure activity has been inculcated in the Indian Army since long. In addition to team spirit, it envisages physical endurance, mental toughness and robust attitude in one go. Indian Army has been pioneer in the field of mountaineering. In continuation with this glorious tradition and to enhance the cooperation between Indian Army and Sri Lankan Army, a mountaineering Expedition was launched to twin peaks of Mt Stok Kangri (20, 200ft) and Mt Gulap Kangri (19,.729 ft) in Leh region

The team led by Lt Col IS Thapa, included 04 Officers, 03 Junior Commissioned Officers and 12 Other Ranks of Indian Army and 04 Officers and 04 Other Ranks of Sri Lankan Army. The team successfully summitted the twin peaks of Mt Stok Kangri and Mt Gulap Kangri from 03 – 06 Oct 2008. The expedition is flagged in by Brig GS Taragi, Offg DGMT today, here.

Prior to the expedition, the team underwent special training for 14 days at Indian Army’s High Altitude Warfare School in J & K. Thereafter, the team moved to Leh for acclimatization. Base Camp was established at a height of 15,000 ft and Camp-I was at 18,000 feet for both the peaks.

Addressing the Team. Brig GS Taragi, Offg DGMT felicitated the team members on their successful summit of the twin peaks and expressed hope that this expedition would go a long way in strengthening the ties between both the Armies and Nations. He said that mountaineering expedition is the most challenging and toughest of all sports Indian Army in the past has organized similar Expedition with Australia. Nepal, USA, UK and Kazakhstan.

The twin Peaks which belong to the Stok Kangri Massif in the Leh region of J & K attract mountaineers from many parts of the world. Route to this peak is long and difficult and requires expertise both in ice craft and rock craft. The team negotiated a number of crevasses and difficult terrain enroute and it required high level of technical skill for the reaching the summit.

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