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Category: Poem

Heaven or Hell

Heaven or Hell  -Ritu Raag  Great sorrows Great happiness Everything that we borrow Is less for us Is it heaven or hell?  We all cheat No time for
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NATURE -Ritu Raag The God’s perfect gift is Nature With it , very bright is our future Nature is the only thing which gives us pleasure At the
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My Idea of Perfect World

My Idea of Perfect World -Ritu Raag  Wish like Heaven’s Angel Shine like sun’s yellow gel Be calm like a teddy bear And have almighty’s fear  Yesterday’s peace
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WHERE THE RAINBOW ENDS                                                                                       -Ritu Raag Love is pricelessly sold by vendors Where you are one of your own mentors Pupils join from world’s different aspects
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Good-Bye   – Ritu Raag  My bestie, my buddy Endures me when tough & giddy Without ever complaining & never demands my explaining.  I like fooling around with
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SPIRIT OF GIVING                              – Ritu Raag  A miserable, lacking enough wealth measures Presents his own, to some needy, for his pleasures Unselfish is the spirit of giving
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