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Heaven or Hell

Heaven or Hell

 -Ritu Raag

 Great sorrows

Great happiness

Everything that we borrow

Is less for us

Is it heaven or hell?

 We all cheat

No time for white money

And day’s heat

Rashes us all vigorously

Is it heaven or hell?

Pupils  with work, burdened

Tutors with no mercies

Whats the use of learned

Still ill-literacy never seems to end up

Is it heaven or hell?

The most of India

Suffer worst

With no such gain

So we say we are in hell

Well, I don’t agree

The India was always as its Now

Beautiful, legendary, green & peaceful

The change is made by us.

So we are the hell-creators.

Don’t interrogate with Mother India.



-Ritu Raag

The God’s perfect gift is Nature

With it , very bright is our future

Nature is the only thing which gives us pleasure

At the time of leisure

Nature includes birds, animals and flowers

And red sun that sparks

The rainbow up in the sky

Looks as if made with shy

The rose, the jasmine, the tulips , the zinnia

Far away in the mountains of Virginia

High in the sky blows constant breeze

Which makes the poles so freeze.

Its just mesmerizes when taken care

With the fruits of happiness it bears

These are my views about nature

That makes so bright our future.

My Idea of Perfect World

My Idea of Perfect World

-Ritu Raag

 Wish like Heaven’s Angel

Shine like sun’s yellow gel

Be calm like a teddy bear

And have almighty’s fear

 Yesterday’s peace some

Tomorrows would never come

Today do all the possible fun

Everything would be finely done

World will be more happier

Soldiers won’t live life bitter

Vision of nobility will be vivid forever

Hold hands and always do live together…



                                                                                      -Ritu Raag

Love is pricelessly sold by vendors

Where you are one of your own mentors

Pupils join from world’s different aspects

To give their persona’s highlighted effects.

The lessons to gift and lend

are taught where the Rainbow ends.

 Pros are considered, hardly the cons

Laughs matter more than the ugly frowns

Contrasting to the dark fake gowns

that hides the silent sores of clowns.

Victorious beginning is the game’s end

United are the separated,

Where the Rainbow ends.

Where one, selflessly, searches for treasures

Where labour has equal fun as leisures.

No ranks segregate the public, No boundations.

To every relation, trust and concern are the foundations

Where egoistic’s pride can also bend.

Uniformity is achieved,

Where the Rainbow ends.

Corruption and politics are no more glued

Where humble changes the shrewd

Soul doesn’t depart when mind concludes

A both side win, battles prelude.

Unmasked face joyously commends,

Where the Rainbow ends.

 Love is given and taken dearly

Demands and prayers are asked honestly.

Where sympathy overpowers cruelty,

Thoughts flow crystal clearly.

Critics turn out to be admirers,

Where, though having innumerable…

Yet there is only one close friend,

There the Rainbow comes to an end.



  – Ritu Raag

 My bestie, my buddy

Endures me when tough & giddy

Without ever complaining

& never demands my explaining.

 I like fooling around with you, the most

& just being what’s really me

Because You extract my best from worst

Inseparable the pair of doves are we.

Your speechless stare

Set my thoughts on fire

Your eyes with ambitious flair

Are the priceless beauty to admire.

At heart, you are a kid, yet so mature

You hide away all your sacrificing lies

Friendship is the bay & you are the shore

Your shoulder is the one that console my cries

You unveil my ways, that are to be mend

With your ever available help to lend

Your subtle caring is felt by me

I just don’t reveal it, my friend.

You say. You won’t be affected if I die

You lack practice at the tricks to lie

I’ll kill you too, for the company of my

Because, It’s impossible to say you Good-Bye.

–          30th October, 2011



                             – Ritu Raag

 A miserable, lacking enough wealth measures

Presents his own, to some needy, for his pleasures

Unselfish is the spirit of giving

One of the appraisable virtues of living.

 Starving bird, for the sake of their bond

Let her birding eat, what she’s so fond

Always willing is the spirit of giving

One of the most commendable virtues of living.

A soldier handing his weapon to a mate, not a favor

But left unarmed, protecting his friend, proved to be braver

Unconditional is the spirit of giving

One of the most admirable virtues of living.

 Even the dwarfest of trees provide shade

Encouraging the younger ones to be self-made

Fruitful is the spirit of giving

One of the most wondrous virtues of living.

 Without expecting, give what you can, and must aver

Others’ gains will be considered ultimately, your loses will never

Uncompromising should be the spirit of giving

Its not perchance, but your life is what you are weaving.