Chandigarh : Many new technologies have been showcased in CII Agrotech 2012 which could be of tremendous benefit to farmers. TeeJet Technology, a Japanese firm which has come to India for the first time, has developed equipment with regard to scientific and accurate sprinkling of agro-chemicals in the field.  The new products are scientific nozzles and GPS guidance equipment of different ranges.

Mr. Hemu Joshi, Regional Manager India and South Asia, TeeJet Technologies explained, “Scientific nozzles are precision equipment which ensure that only accurate dosages of agro-chemicals are sprayed. This has economical benefits for the farmers and also safeguards the health of the people as less pesticides are used. At the same time, these are not expensive and their price ranges from Rs. 50 to Rs. 1000.” Aeros 9040, the other product of the company, which is GPS guided equipment  has brought in  a new level of precision farming capabilities. Aeros is a complete field computer that offers precision guidance, auto-steering , application rate control, mapping, variable rate selection etc. It is especially very helpful for those farmers who have large holdings and want to keep track of the various activities on at their fields.

Krishna Agricultural Tools, Panchkula has displayed high end products for the floriculture industry like Bush Cutter, Lawn Mower and High pressure jet sprayer/washer. Mr. Vishal Asht, Co owner, Krishna Agricultural Tools. said “These garden tools can work both on battery as well as electric power. Precision and efficiency are the hallmark of these products.”

Mr. Vishal Asht  also said, “For the last 8   years we have been exhibiting our products in AgroTech and  this time we have come with 3 stalls and they are Lawn and Garden tools, BOSCH tools and  spare parts of tractors.

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