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Chandigarh : A number of medicinal herbs are on display at CII Agro Tech 2012, currently underway at the Parade Ground, Sector 17, Chandigarh, amongst them, the stalls of Aloe Vera and Euro Olive Oil. are getting the maximum footfall.

Hemant Garg, Factory Executive, Herbal Trend shared that “We have a 100 acre farm in which we grow our own Aloe Vera, “Aloe Vera has of a lot of medicinal benefits and helps in alleviating various diseases. The Aloe Vera grown by us has no pesticides or chemicals. To enrich the medicinal value, we use organic manure which is also produced in our own organic manure shed”.

The Aloe Vera products on display at CII Agro Tech mainly constitute cosmetics comprising anti-ageing, anti-fungal, anti-allergic, anti- inflammatory and anti-acne gels.

Kalyan Singh of Exelent Euro Olive Oil stated that “People are buying the product as olive oil has anti-oxidant properties and helps in controlling cholesterol and sugar levels. It stimulates basic metabolism through better food digestion, less consumption and it is good for frying and deep frying styles of Indian cooking too.

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