Intel to spread awareness of the importance of PC


Chandigarh, 14th March, 2013: In line with the government of India’s IT policy to make at least one person in every household digitally literate, Intel India is rolling out a 360 degree campaign to target the first time buyers in the country. The campaign will focus on both PC and tablets as devices that people can use to improve/transform their lives.

Intel will launch a nationwide campaign to drive relevance and stimulate demand of PCs targeting consumers with the message of how a PC can change their life,. Through its on-ground activities and retail marketing programs, Intel will continue to educate consumers on why a PC is a transformational device.  Under its Intel® Technology Provider Program, Intel has over 1000 Intel technology providers across northern India including Punjab and Haryana who help in reaching out to consumers with the PC relevance message

Computing is moving beyond the PC into a wide range of “smart” devices, driven by the Internet and the need and desire to be “always connected.” New device categories are emerging at a rapid pace to bring computing experiences into every aspect of our lives

Intel which is a strong brand when it comes to PCs, is now working with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to bring a wide range of affordable and premium Intel powered Tablets to cater to the changing consumer preferences, some of whom are first time buyers. There are already a few Intel-based tablets running Windows 8 available today.

The new mobile experiences are powered by leading power-savings and performance benefits of Intel Architecture and enhanced by Intel’s efforts to build new capabilities into its platforms over time that increasingly give devices the ability to touch, see and hear like we do, thus making our interaction with them more natural and intuitive.

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