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By Rajesh vakharia : Rape Laws should be immediately made gender NEUTRAL, with a strong clause for misuse, for both the gender. We all know, what happened with the misuse of IPC 498A, another gender biased law, which even the Apex Court, termed, the open lying of Women, as LEGAL TERRORISM. The Chief Justice and our President repeatedly said that such laws are open to rampant misuse. With Presidents, own relatives also being implicated in false 498a cases, the day is not far, when all the law makers themselves, will be implicated by false rape cases, as unlike a false 498a, which can only be filed by a wife, false rape cases can be filed by any unscrupulous women on the road. Various government reports have already stated that over 70% rape cases are FALSE. Let us NOT create another law, open to rampant misuse, and then call it a grave mistake and Legal HOLOCAUST

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