Swami Ramdev Makes a Bold Commitment

This is a very special interview with Swami Ramdev in which he explains his reasons for supporting Rajiv Malhotra. Swamiji says that Rajiv Malhotra is a rare individual in the intellectual representation of Bharat’s civilization. He deserves special credit for three accomplishments:

He pioneered the intellectual battles against those who demean our Vedic culture and way of life.
He has established the positive influences of our sanskriti around the world and its potential for humanity’s future.
He has given up his personal financial ambitions to dedicate himself for this cause, even when his children were young and the family was dependent upon him.

Swami Ramdev makes a personal commitment to serve as the brand ambassador for Shri Malhotra’s causes. He promises to contribute crores of rupees for this work. He makes a strong appeal to everyone to donate generously for this work.

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