Mother’s day Special by Siddha Murada

Siddha Murada
                Siddha Murada

Mother’s day celebrated throughout the world.  Mother’s Day is centuries old and goes back to the times of ancient Greeks. The modern holiday of Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908, when a girl named Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother. Her campaign to make “Mother’s Day” a recognized holiday in the United States began in 1905, the year her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, died. Anna Jarvis made several requests and her high efforts and determination, the U.Smade a national holiday called ‘Mother’s Day’.

Now our generation and the generation next have started taking mother’s for granted. The love and affection for each is fading away. And that’s why, the children ofmynative palace RajindraPark, New Delhi, took this initiative to do some things for their moms. The small and  elder ones got together to pay tribute to their moms.
Let us face it, mothers are extra-special women, and they deserve a heck of a lot more than just one day dedicated to all that they do for us. She knows us inside out and cares deeply for us. The Jewish Proverb said it correct, mother is sent by God or she herself is God.
For me, a student of a boarding school, the word mother is heard in different ways through my friends in dorm coming from different regions and nationalities- French: Maman, German: Mutter, Tamil: Amma, Marathi: Aayi, Urdu: Ammee, Panjabi: Pabbo, Hindi: Ma, English: Mom…
We can go on and on telling names in different languages. The emotion with which one of us take this name however, is same comes out with warmth and sometimes brings tears in eyes too.

The fortunate part is that I am home during this time of the year, when the world celebrates- Mother’s day. For me who is home four months a year, so each day during these four months are children’s day (although with a more balanced approach), my mother does approve to a lot of demands and suggestions, but does not budge on many too.  This day I feel is a way to show my gratitude to my mom for who she is.
This time, the emotion got a little more overwhelming on the thought of my and other mother’s around, and the celebrations went for over a week, when I with few friends of mine decided to organise a community based program for all the mothers around.  The thought got pumped with support of other like-minded friends another supporting fairly a new mother of six months old twins.
The enthused energies kept flowing from coordinating the plan, conceptualising the program, scripting a play on mother, finding poems and stories and adding our own emotions and thoughts into it. Interestingly when it comes to moms, then age is no bar..children from age 4 to age 15..all came together and there was no dearth of ideas job was meagre, everyone was welcoming share their pocket money to organise the event.
For me, scripting, directing a play, coordinating an event, bringing everyone together for a successful outcome of a program comes from my training in KFI Sahyadri school, where children are encouraged to handle things, take decision and perform..with no or very limited threat of judgements. It does not perhaps comes easy with all the city kids, but its interesting to understand how each of us are different, we may have different energy levels, and depth from which one likes to get involved in a program, especially for mothers, but the emotion was common, the agreement to give mothers a pleasant surprise for a common thread that bound each other all this period of preparation.
Mothers were felt special by quotations that is shared by each young kid (under 8) on their moms, followed by a game where blindfolded they recognised their respective moms by their touch.  
For adolescents, the expression came out a bit differently, by narrating a story (thanks to the forwards on whatsapp) to poems, and I by virtue of my stay in the hostel, and learned the knack of making a bakeless cake, prepared cakes for mothers..a friend with artistic hand prepared posters and music, and chips kept the momentum high.
Having a handholding by an elder was helpful, an international flight attendant by profession was instrumental in bringing the gifts for all moms from Frankfurt.. that was a treat and one of many ways to bring smile on moms’ faces- after all they are women and a gift from foreign is indeed a welcome and icing on the cake to make them feel extra special .
(SIDDHA MURADA, class 9, KFI Sahyadri )


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