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Effects of exalted Jupiter: a case study

Anubhav Chopra,17 Nov : Jupiter or Guru is known to be the most benefic among all the planets viz. mercury, venus, moon etc. Almost all the classical astrological texts say that Jupiter being a benefic planet, gives best results when in exaltation or uchcha in a particular horoscope. But in practice, results are not exactly in accordance with classical sayings.

Many modern astrologers have also explained in their researches that an exalted Jupiter gives good results but at the same time gives certain miseries too. As we know, Jupiter owns too signs namely Sagittarius and Pisces, it is exalted in cancer and Sagittarius is the sign of its mooltrikona. As per uttarkalamrita (an ancient astrological text) a planet posited in 6th, 8th or 12th form its own sign gives adverse results. Now, the fact that Jupiter gives mixed or different kind of results in exaltation is that, cancer, being the sign of its exaltation becomes eighth from the sign of its mooltrikona i.e. Sagittarius. This explains the sayings  of uttarkalamrita, but being exalted at the same time, it gives good results also. Another reason of not giving good results is that being the lord of two houses, it becomes lord of a bad house (trik sthana) or it suffers from kendradhipati dosha in most of the ascendants, as we can see in following examples:

For Aries ascendant, Jupiter becomes a lord of 9th and 12th houses. 9th lord being exalted gives excellent results relating to profession. But in actual practice it has been seen that for exalted Jupiter in 4th house for Aries ascendant, individual has to do menial kind of jobs even if he holds high rank in his office. This can be attributed to the fact that Jupiter is also lord of 12th house (a trik sthana).

For Taurus ascendant Jupiter being exalted in 3rd house, though give good source of income, but at the same time exalted 8th lord aspects 7th house (house of marriage) give adverse results regarding married life of an individual.

For Gemini ascendant, Jupiter being lord of 7th and 10th houses becomes malefic since it gets kedradhipati dosha. Also 7th house becomes badhak and marak for dual signs, so the dosha gets aggravated. Being 10th lord aspecting 10th house if may give some positive results relating to carrier but being 8th from 7th house it gives adverse results as far as married life if concerned. There may be problems or unnecessary delay in marriage.

For cancer ascendant, Jupiter being lord of 6th and 9th house get exalted in ascendant itself. An exalted 6th lord aspecting the house of marriage i.e. 7th house, hampers married life to a great extent but 9th lord being exalted gives good results in professional life.

For leo ascendant, being lord of 5th and 8th house, Jupiter gets exalted in 12th house. It has been seen in practice this Jupiter in 12th house gives adverse results relating to education and career life of an individual. Because of its aspect on 6th and 8th house, married life is saved to a great extent.

For Virgo ascendant, Jupiter becomes a lord of 4th and 7th houses and get exalted in 11th house. Like Gemini ascendant, here Jupiter gets kendradhipati dosha and it becomes badhekesh and markesh as well. Being exalted in 11th house it gives good results regarding financial prospects but gives very bad results as far as married life is concerned. There may be a delayed marriage or a break up in relationship.

For Libra ascendant, being lord of 3rd and 6th house, Jupiter get exalted in 10th house. Jupiter is seen to give very good results regarding carrier and financial prospects. This is because, Jupiter is lord of two upachaya houses in this case.

For Scorpio ascendant, being lord of 2nd and 5th house Jupiter get exalted in 9th house. Second house being exalted in 9th house gives good results for career and professional life. 5th house is the house progeny, and exalted Jupiter in 9th house (which is 5th from 5th) in a female sign give female progeny only unless and until there are some other strong combinations in horoscope.

For Sagittarius ascendant, being the lord of ascendant and 4th house it gets exalted in 8th house. It gives excellent results pertaining to professional life of a native. In this case, we can take the example of famous film actress Madhuri Dixit who has exalted Jupiter in 8th house which gave name, fame and prosperity in every sphere of life.  

For Capricorn ascendant, being lord of 3rd and 12th house Jupiter gets exalted in 7th house. It gives very adverse results relating to married life of an individual in its dasha/antardasha. The person may not get married at all or there may be separation in Jupiter dasha.

For Aquarius ascendant, being lord of 2nd and 11th house Jupiter gets exalted in 6th house. It gives mixed results regarding financial prospects of an individual.

For Pisces ascendant, Jupiter being lord of ascendant and 10th house gets exalted in 5th house gives very good results relating to career and professional life. But its position in a female sign in 5th house give female issues to native.

Thus, we can easily judge regarding the mixed results of an exalted Jupiter for different ascendant as explained above. If Jupiter is retrograde, its malefic results gets intensified and benefic results get reduced. Above results may vary for different planetary conjunctions and combinations.

*Writer is a renowned Astrology from North India*


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